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Surrounding Towns

Ithaca is surrounded by many towns that still gravitate towards Ithaca but each have their own unique way of life.


There are a ton of nice things for families in Lansing, and I loved growing up there. Meyers Park is one of my favorites, along with the Inflatable Jump Around for kids. We have great sports: ice hockey, indoor soccer, recreational fields, etc. There are a lot of hiking trails with great views of the lake and waterfalls. In the summer there are beautiful sunflower fields. It's such a safe and friendly community. 


We love Dryden Lake and the easy access to TC3's pool. I also love that we have the Jim Shug trail to run and walk on and Montgomery Park was just refinished and is a fun spot. Many people in my neighborhood, including myself, work in Ithaca and my morning commute takes less time than it did when I lived in Ithaca. 


Groton is a quiet town with a great school district and I love how I can walk everywhere with a puppy and a stroller. It has a lot of small town feels and community, which we adore. There is also the community park and school that are free- they recently did a community re-build of the playground. It's also so convenient to stores being centrally located between Ithaca, Cortland, and Syracuse. 


I love living in Trumansburg! Our neighborhood is a wonderful place. There’s privacy and also caring. Families are out a lot, and everyone watches for the little one newly riding a bike or the runners coming through. I love that there is a real village center. It is easy to walk to the post office and to the library. If there’s a concert or event at the Conservatory, I can walk there if weather permits. There’s a supermarket and a drug store on the edge of town, and also just on Main Street there is a little organic market with basics and prepared food. It is possible to stay in town and find everything, from milk to books at the library or used book store to a bottle of wine. The coffee shop is a gathering place and there’s a choice of restaurants. For families, our school is on one campus with sports fields and playgrounds and parking for all three schools. The Wednesday Farmers Market is a high point from spring through the fall.


I love being in the country, but just an easy 10 minute drive into Ithaca. We also have the BEST neighbors, just super friendly people. Not just next door, but all around the area we live in. And I also love that no matter where you live in Tompkins County, you're an Ithacan. Freddy's diner is a great place for diner breakfast and the Covered Bridge Cafe has the best pizza in the county!

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