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Ithaca Neighborhoods

Ithaca is broken up into multiple smaller neighborhoods. Each has its own unique location and culture.

Fall Creek

I love how my family can walk to the Farmers Market, Science Center, Commons, public library, Stewart Park, Cornell, and all three schools that my kids will likely go to (Fall Creek, Boynton, and IHS). 

Fall Creek is our downtown neighborhood within walking distance of everything. Lots of historical homes and room to be a little quirky- you'll find many homes brightly painted an assortment of colors! The Commons is a walkable area here with lots of local restaurants and shop which runs perpendicular to Aurora St, also known as Restaurant Row. This is a lively area just down the hill from the university and where many festivals, summer concerts, etc take place. Some big events throughout the year here include Ithaca Fest, Chili Fest, Ice Sculpture contests, live music from local bands, Apple Fest, and Porch Fest (where local musicians set up on porches around Fall Creek to play music). FallCreek is also a popular place for trick-or-treating with some really remarkably decorated homes and wonderful parades. Lots of smaller parks and markets are within walking distance as well as our famous Farmers Market, Sciencenter, and public library.


Belle Sherman

There are great aspects of living in this area. There are 3 parks (Tutor, Eastern Heights, and Hungerford) all with playgrounds less than 8 years old. The Eastern Heights trail is great for walking and most of the neighborhood is within 2 blocks of a bus stop. The Eastern Heights Park has nice sledding hills and walking trails. It and Hungerford have room for games like soccer or baseball as well as a basketball court. The area is close to Cornell without going through downtown. It has a higher than average amount of Christmas lights (something I love). East Hill Plaza is the nearest commerce center.  

North East

North East is another quiet neighborhood up the hill. Less historic homes and more mid 1900s to 2000s. Lots of sidewalks, parks, and many professors and families affiliated with the university because of its proximity. This side of town is close to our mall/Target. Tops, Aldis, and a handful of restaurants. It's also closer to the east side of the lake, Myers Park, and some extracurricular activities.

South Hill

It’s great to be close to the heart of the city, especially for festivals and summer events. However, I still can enjoy living on a quiet street with my neighbors close enough to chat with from our porches, and having a strong sense of belonging in the community. I also live near the South Hill Rec. trail which can take me all the way to Burns road on a nice flat and scenic trail. The area is beautiful, centrally located, and I even have a lake view (from my attic)!

South Hill is where we've started to see some expansion and more new construction homes. It's a quick walk/drive down the hill into downtown but also can feel a little quieter and more removed than the previous neighborhoods. The South Hill Rec. trail is a popular flat and scenic trail this way. The Sunset Grill and Dolce Delight are wonderful food spots this way. If you travel much further past South Hill you'll find some more rural areas. 

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